Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Progress report.....


When the first David died one of the biggest challenges was to keep his clocks ticking. The grandfather , several wall clocks, dainty carriage clocks all had to be tickled into life every day....

Now it's a question of keeping the house ticking over...we are still cold....we do have electricity but it goes off fairly regularly!

This morning several people will arrive to try to fix things but I have that dread in the pit of my stomach that some of it is incurable, that without David overseeing everything life here will never be the same again!

If only it was as easy to cure as winding up a few clocks!

I don't know why I'm saying we all the time....there's only me...the ancient spectre looking more like Miss Haversham daily but without the wedding dress and the cobwebs.


I have woken to a strange sound. It is silence. No wind or rain batters the windows...but I am not confident that this state of affairs will continue....another storm is forecast for tomorrow! The news from across the UK is simply appalling...I have now returned to another old coping mechanism....having Racio Four playing in the early hours!

It is as though not being able to be in control of my immediate environment I have to be aware of what's happening in other places...even though right now it is very depressing....

The good news is that we have a warm house again...the boiler needed a new transformer.....what ever that might took most of yesterday to get the radiators warm again but to wake up to a warm house again was wonderful!

Today I will attend to the paperwork....trying to make sense of David's systems is very difficult when all I want to do is sit down and weep!

I kept the clocks ticking last time.....I can do this....tears not withstanding...


  1. Jean, some positives - really glad that the heating is working, that must be a priority for you. As for the paperwork, it needs to be done, but please, please, don't over do it.

    So much going on and the pressure on you must be enormous, but you need to pace yourself. I do hope that your local support network is working effectively, as I feel so helpless watching you being alone from a distance.

    Prayers continue for you and lots of love and hugs.

  2. Thank heaven the heating is on at last Jean. At least your joints won't seize up from the cold as you sit trying to sort the paper-work.
    As a fully paid-up numpty I found that almost worse than any other thing I'm sure you will do better.
    I had the TV on in the background full time even if just to give me something to argue with.
    There is nothing wrong with sitting and weeping, in fact it is necessary, Paper-work, however important it seems, will keep if it has to.
    By the way, I still say 'we' sometimes.
    More love and prayers X