Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sunday communion.

I did write something which I cannot is too personal.

Yesterday was a bad day but even through the gloom some light did the shape of the kindness and the gentle way my husband is being treated in the nursing home.

From the nurses to the carers to the staff they are uniformly lovely..

They have to be strong and they are but they are also gentle with no hint of impatience in the face of difficult manoeuvres. The hoist now takes most of the strain!

This morning I will take communion in for David. One or two others will come is a small thing but it is Sunday all day! I heard one of them say "There have to be some perks being married to a priest!"

Not many right now I'm afraid... My main effort in life is to stay cheerful and not reveal the sodden mess that lies very close to the surface. Lord, hear my prayer.


  1. Today my prayers for you will be for the sustaining support and love you need to get you through this.

  2. Prayers for you from Epiphany, Jean, as you carry on, borne on the wind of the Spirit (if that's not tautology!) Hugs and Kisses John