Saturday, 15 March 2014

A very busy day!

Today, Friday has been a day of drama, frustration and some laughter!

David's son arrived complete with a friend to take David's sit on lawn mower back to Devon. David had joked at one stage that he might have to drive it all the way home and to leave plenty of time!

In due course a Discovery with a trailer appeared. I had left the gates open so they could drive up the garden but they decided it would be easier to simply drive the mower's at least the length of one and a half football pitches!

Naturally the machine failed to start. It had a flat battery of course!

Every year till this one David had wintered it and put it in the shed. This year it's been left to its own devices. It sulked. It simply was not playing.

We pushed the trailer closer...The sit on was not going anywhere under its own steam!

We pulled. We pushed . I spoke very sternly to it! Nothing!

Getting the battery off took patience until we discovered a spanner that fitted.

I rang the local garage...yes they would charge it for us!

I fed the blokes chicken broth whilst it was charging..

Eventually it coughed, then sputtered, I gave it a pat ot two to encourage it and it roared into life!

The trailer was fastened to the Discovery and then the sit on was driven into it . David's son had to take a run up to it but eventually it was in and I waved them off. It took the best part of the day but there is now room for the new much smaller push along to appear!

I have left out the swear words, the imprecations , the's gone..another part of my life I will never see again! So it's not all bad news.



  1. Just another day in the life of........
    You do seem to be besieged by uncooperative machines, boilers, heaters etc.
    As you will know from previous posts I firmly believe machines have a life of their.
    I'm glad you won this one. X

  2. Spot the missing word? Sorry it should have read "life of their own".
    Brain in one gear, fingers in another. Heigh Ho!

  3. That's a wonderful machine, which looks bigger than the small patch of grass we have in our garden, but more than adequate to cope with the huge park and recreation ground behind our house :)

    I know that this is a day late, but love and huggs from North Kent.