Saturday, 22 March 2014

At your own risk!

Has anyone ever suffered bodily harm from trying to open reluctant packaging? If so I think we should be told!

It has been a problem now for some time....I have blogged on this subject before so I apologies if it's boring but honestly....words come close to failing me!

I am told it's for our own good...much like what my grandma said when she made me eat my greens...but I suspect it's a dastardly plot to finish us off!

Trying to get into food stuffs wrapped in tough contoured plastic is bad enough but this week I sent for a new duvet...sentimental reasons...I just kept weeping over the old ones...

Finally one new small duvet arrived. It took me and a pair of scissors at least half an hour to release it!

One false slip of the sharp shears used as a knife and it could have been very nasty. I got very cross at having to hack my way through stiff cardboard.

And the pain does not end all has to be jumped on for the recycling collectors....they won't take it till it's been flattened and fitted into an orange bag!

When did life become so complicated? The excuse for all this seems to be that it's all our fault and necessary because we started to try to kill each other..things were slipped into bottles to poison us , sharp blades stuffed into packages, explosives arrived in letters.

So we should be grateful, but unpacking one duvet out of two stout cardboard boxes took all my stamina and determination this afternoon. I didn't die in the attempt but it would be interesting to know of anyone who did! Polythene wrapping is surely easier to deal with, supple, lightweight, see through...could we have bedding in lighter, easier to unpack parcels. Please! Anyone out there.....



  1. Don't let anyone ever tell you that it's not deliberate. It is.
    It's a dastardly plot to make us old feeble angry and out of control so 'they' can take over.
    My favourite (not), is attempting to open the large plastic tubs that my feed-balls for the birds arrive in. There is a small plastic tab at the side which is meant to be broken off so you can then lever up the lid.
    I've used knives scissors and screw drivers to try to break off the tab and spent up to 20 minutes trying to lever the immovable lids.
    Finally, in despair, and very much against the grain I have to wait until a strong neighbour returns from work and beg them for help!!
    Does no-one in this skewed universe recognise that ageing people have arthritis, loss of muscular strength and in general are no longer the Goliaths and Amazons they supposedly were in their youth?
    There.....that feels better.

  2. I share both your an Ray's concerns. Even me as a fairly robust 64 year old man, still with a little vigor and pep left struggles to open some containers - I even struggle to open a particularly tightly applied top to a new jar or so called original marmalade the other day.

    And I recognize the recyling dance and jumping, not just for cardboard, but for plastics which need to be flattened or cans which need to be squashed down to a small circle using some device which does the job.

    I go to the local recycling centre twice or three times a week, because if we put things out for collection they have to be in different sized colour coded boxes for each type of material. The wind blows the lids off and children come along and tip the stuff out onto the garden or the road, It's not worth the effort, simpler to keep them in shopping bags and pop along to the recycling banks located in most car parks and drop them off there. They even do clothing for the Sally Army and small electrical appliances and stuff.

    But if we didn't have so much packaging we wouldn't need to do so much recycling.

    Prayers and hugs continue.

  3. Putting it all out here has the added complication of badgers and foxes. And if they don't get them the wind does. I have only recently been acquainted with these problems and it does increase the feeling of inadequacy! Perhaps a little more though for us ancient ones....not you Earnie...your still in your prime obviously!