Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Getting ducks in a row!

As my life tries to settle down I still have days of unexpected upheaval of various sorts where things happen unexpectedly and over which I seem to have little control.

Some of these are good. Some are irrelevant and some are just plain weird.

Yesterday I got word that I had indeed now been accepted as the new owner of my solar panels....the final bit of paper did the trick!

After several official letters about pensions going to the address I had before I married David eight years ago I rang them to change my address....again. Some of the letters had come to this address but most had not. Yet again chaos threatened my peace of mind...I hope it's sorted out now!

After frustrating hours on the phone I set off for a walk, taking the car to the next village. I realised the ground was too wet for a cliff walk and went down to a boat yard to walk the beach but the tide was in!

Staring out at the moored boats I realised belatedly that I had gone back to the place where I mourned the first Davd.

Today I planned a trip into Truro...but then realised that I had arranged a grocery delivery for mid morning!

My poor brain is obviously not working very well right now but the ducks are slowly forming an orderly queue and I am making a sort of progress...

The weathers not helping... The adverts for Mothers Day aren't helping either but on the whole a sort of progress is being made.....God willing.


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  1. It's natural to get a little bit confused, as you're dealing with complex things on your own, with it sounds a bit of obstruction from officialdom in it's various forms trying to get in the way of progress. No wonder you are having to remember simple domestic stuff while being frustrated by the complex stuff.

    Prayers and hugs continue from North Kent.