Monday, 3 March 2014

Household complications!

Whilst the world turns towards war in the Crimea and the entire weather system convolutes into repeated storms my world is shaking down into a series of small disasters....insignificant in themselves but providing a daily diet of confusion, anxiety and occasion trauma....

Yesterday was the problem of reading a meter...not the usual electricity meter..but the one which tells us how much electricity has been provided by the solar panels on the roof!

Finding the meter it turned out to be numbers to read off at all. I reflected that after all we have had no sun to speak of during these turbulent weeks. But surely there should be something?

The small box is high on the wall. David read it easily...I had to get the ladders...still nothing.

During the time David's condition worsened day by day we had a lot of men in the house, fixing the heating...or trying to at least...maybe one of them had turned something off somewhere?

It was just one more small frustration...something else to tax my poor brain....

Then I remembered that David had during a power failure tried himself to find the trip switch close to the meter....he had collapsed in the attempt poor early indicator of how ill he was...maybe he had switched it off by mistake. I looked at the variety of switches gathered together..and dare not try out this theory in case I plunged us back into darkness.

I rang a man who knows about these things....he is coming today! He told me on the phone that many people in the village who knew and loved David had not realised that he had died because no flag flew at half mast along the quay...another small trauma when the masts broke in the storms.

I am sure a time is coming when I will have come to terms with all the problems now queuing up to get fixed but we are not there yet....

On a brighter note it is dry outside and the wind has dropped at last...something to be grateful for!

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