Tuesday, 11 March 2014

In Memorium.

We have many pictures on our walls....but when we were travelling and looking at art we often ended up by buying sculptures.

We used to turn the tall ones round every week so they were seen from different angles.

A lovely talented friend made me two heads of my dog, Crispin. One as a young dog and one as a mature older animal. Both are life sized and a great joy. I often stop to pat his head as I walk past!

From his sofa in our sitting room David used to gaze up at a statue of an athletic young man reaching for the sky and dancing with joy.

"That's the best one." He often said and I agreed. It is very beautiful.

Now it's the one I look at most often. It is the way I prefer to remember him. And it's also how I hope he looks again now, having shaken off the weight of the years and the weakness that overtook him at the last .

Now when I gaze upwards I see David, young again, exulting in his new found freedom to move as the spirit takes him. It is a small piece, placed on top of a corner cabinet where I can't reach it without a step ladder. It now speaks to me eloquently of the athletic young man who could express such joy in life that he was reluctant to leave it.

Now in heaven he must dance on his way and my blessing goes with him with my love and gratitude for the years we shared at the end of our lives....

Now rest in peace my love and express your new found peace and joy in heaven.


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  1. Jean, you paint a lovely picture of the love and romance and ideas that you shared with David, a powerful example to us who are also getting on in life, to celebrate what we have, while we have the power and energy to do so, but also to create those precious memories that we can hold onto if either of us departs.

    Prayers and {{{Hugs}}} and love from North Kent today!! :)