Friday, 28 March 2014

Solar energy is working!

Ok....I am quite prepared to eat my words on this occasion....I can now see why the solar tile people were very careful and demanded so many bits of paper to prove that I am indeed the person I claim to be.

This week I have had several phone calls from earnest young people trying to sell me solar tiles starting with a short lecture on the value of going green.

Renewable energy became the new buzz words this week....

I was glad to hear the words I have been using for a long time in some of my sermons...about looking after the planet by using the sun, the wind and tidal flow....but until yesterday they had a very hollow ring after the ongoing beaurocratic flurry of paperwork!

I honestly believed that we were talking about very small sums....particularly after the meter had been switched off for a few weeks .

I was wrong. A very handsome sum is now sitting in my bank account. It will pay the next bill!

I don't know if it's an accumulation of several years or months ...David in his last year did not keep the I don't know what period is covered...but it is a sum worth having so if my previous words put you off I take them back!

I am not saving the planet...but solar panels are sending quite a lot of electricity into the grid...and it all helps!



  1. It's great to hear that "you'll get your reward in heaven", is not true of every good deed you perform in your life.
    Well deserved I'd say.
    It was the prohibitive price of installation which prevented John from going down that route.

    1. We went halves Ray...and after preaching on the subject there was really no option!

  2. We'd love to have solar panels, but due to the way we are sited they'd have to be on the front of the house to get the benefit of the most sun. However, 'boo' we're in a 'Conservation Area' for our Victorian Terrace and the local authority won't permit it - despite green being the way to go. And as we've already upset them by despoiling the front of our house by erecting a porch (before it was made a conservation area) and the rear by erecting a conservatory (within permitted development rights - but without telling them first) we'd better not chance our luck :(

    Really glad that you've received this now, it will be a help in the future as well.