Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sorkin solace.

As disclosed in a previous blog I have been firmly glued to "The West Wing" for a couple of weeks...I had reached the fourth season when a friend who reads this blog mentioned a film written by Aaron Sorkin. I put it into the Amazon search engine and found it and also the first season of "The Newsroom"

I did know about this new series written by Sorkin but hadn't really looked for it, however, now, having seen it I sent for it...

I received it two days ago and am now half way through. It's brilliant, great characters, wonderful dialogue, and plots based on the world we now live in!

About three years ago I got the ”Studio 60 on the sunset strip " series on my iPad which I've watched several times, as it's also a product of the Sorkin mind....

Avert your eyes I am about to rave....I turned off the DVD tonight with the word, "Brilliant" and it is...I am only sorry to be discovering this on my own!

In a time when my brain is struggling to make sense of all the forms I have to fill in and whilst I am out reading various meters, having to get letters from the solicitor to vouch for my identity and show proof of ownership, watching this brilliant season unfold, as the characters evolve is very good medicine to take me to a different place from the one I now inhabit....

It is escapism no doubt but anything that takes my attention away from the grief that threatens to engulf me at times is welcome....thank you God!


  1. It's good to hear that you have some distractions from the other stuff you're having to do and from grief. Never heard of the writer you speak off, nor have I seen any of his programs. :(

    I hope that you're able to continue to move forward at your own pace as you cope. Prayers and {{{Hugs}}} continue here.

  2. So glad you are watching and enjoying the News Room waiting for ours to arrive. The power of a good film or series never ceases to amaze me.
    When we had my Father living with us waiting to die, we watched and enjoyed all of the Clint Eastwood films, on video.
    One evening after a particularly good film Dad said ' I really enjoyed that it takes my mind off to a different place.'
    I don't watch TV or films to be terrified of baffled but to be entertained, and as I watch I am no longer an (dare I say it) old lady but someone of no age no aches and pains and no sadness at watching my husband struggle with things he used to be so good at achieving x