Thursday, 3 April 2014


Yesterday I more or less cleared the decks as far as the office work goes. All the pending problems are resolved...almost...just one or two minor details to sort but basically I seem to have managed it...occasionally by nagging, but this seemed to work well with some officials.

Having the very last bit of the jigsaw in place now I went to the drinks cabinet...A celebratory drink looked like a good idea!

Opening the door of the ancient Chinese cabinet where most of the booze lives I found a green bottle entitled "Tunel"

This was something we brought back from Majorca in the early days of our marriage .

I had remembered it was strong but I hadn't realised just how strong until the first sip blew me head off!

It brought back vivid memories of us sitting outside in the glorious warmth of a tropical evening after a good dinner drinking the house complimentary booze. How we laughed! Now I realise it's strength, it was a wonder we got back to our apartment!

It's a good memory though. We were newly wed, very happy to be with each other and talking and laughing till the early hours, sometimes on our own but often with companions.....

I might have been tempted again but I remembered what the lady in customs told me. Tunel is absinthe, the mothers ruin of Degas and many other French impressionists.

I now know why Modigliani painted women with melon shaped heads! ...

The closest drink is Pernod I think..

If you are tempted you have to dilute it with water! .

Happy Days!



  1. Once again our blog material is related, though your fuel sounds rather more powerful than mine.
    I wonder is absinthe related to Pernod and annisette? If so, I would love to have made its acquaintance in my younger days.
    I love the flavour of aniseed, even just in gob-stopper mode.
    Your day obviously was leading up to your reward of choice. Glad you enjoyed it even if it did leave you headless:)

  2. Pernod like Ouzo is aniseed flavoured...and I also enjoyed aniseed balls in my youth. This green stuff is actually quite vicious until water has been added...but still delicious!