Friday, 11 April 2014

Filling up nicely !

During the last few years I got lazy about my driving. David loved to drive and always offered to get me from A to B and then come and get me.

Driving my Discovery when I first arrived in Cornwall was easy...I had no problems visiting places where the lanes were narrow and the passing places few.

The Beetle although a lovely little car lacked automatic drive and power steering and I found as I got older that having to hunch up to see where I was going whenever I had to reverse got painful so I avoided taking roads to remote places in case I got stuck somewhere.

I plot my routes so that I drive into places and go out the other side...I deliberately avoid going backwards....till yesterday morning when I met my Waterloo.

I parked in the village to do some shopping and met a lot of people to talk to...We were all out early!

I got back to the car and drove it carefully past one of the big hotels. A huge pantecnican came into view. There was no getting round it.... . I reversed back at least a hundred was going to the hotel with what looked like a load of furniture. So it was going to be a while unloading and it completely blocked the road so I took the longer way out of the village.

There in front of another large hotel was another traffic hold up. Several cars were already queuing. This time I reversed along the sea wall for even further . It was not my day!

But I did it! Going backwards is much easier in David's car and after yesterday I am willing to risk going to some distant beaches it's an ill wind after all....

The village is now filling up gradually and by Holy Week will be back to its holiday mode! The season is starting and we are now after a truly dreadful winter open for business again....

The churches will be full as well as the hotels and the beaches. Some boats have gone back into the water...and the gardens are full of glorious blossom.

I am trying Lord...I really am.

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