Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Funchal holiday!

Soon after we married David and I succumbed to the charms of a time share sales person in Madeira. I had spent time there after the first David died and so had he.

We liked Funchal and the people there but the hotel was really special...almost before the sales girl had finished speaking our minds were made up.

We did it together, shared the costs and chose a week in June coincidental with my birthday.

We then had several very good holidays , choosing to save a week and then take two together. Last year David was too ill to fly so we lost one week but held on to another.

The hotel has been in touch recently with the news that I can still use both weeks together every other year. This was going to take some organising . David always made the arrangements...I just went.

To say it was daunting to even consider going this year is really an understatement. I have thought long and hard since paying the maintainence fee.

But I am going. I sorted it yesterday. I even booked and paid for the flights!

The taxi from the airport to take me to Funchal is also sorted. All I have to do is book one here!

At the end of the marathon of calls, holiday insurance details and all the rest of the nitty gritty I am now committed.

As it's time share I already know some people who will be there from previous will be ok! I think.

Going on holiday without my darling is not my choice but it's the only one open to me now so I've done it.

I can now try to concentrate on Easter....


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