Sunday, 20 April 2014

Good Easter!

Easter was an event in several different ways. Having done the early stint in church the rest of the day loomed......last week I had had the sense to book a table for lunch for two at one of our favourite hotels. Just as well...when we arrived the first test was to find a parking place amongst crowds busy on the same task.

My daughter in law was doing the driving and she parked much more competently than I would have done!

Walking into the restaurant I met a very old, much loved friend I have known for about 30 years. A great deal of hugging took me to a table where I found many of the gang of people the first David and I had been part of!

It was a very good lunch served at a small table looking out to a rain swept sea. Arrangements were made to see the gang again during the week...and the food was excellent.

Looking around the room I recognised almost everyone there though mostly the names escaped me! At the next table was a group of about ten people all of whom had taken communion at eight o clock!

The whole day was very unexpectedly happy.

I allowed myself a few tears when I got home...but on the whole the day had turned out better than I could ever have imagined on first getting out of bed.....

Thank you God and also for the conversations on the phone later .... Life is becoming liveable again.

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