Monday, 7 April 2014

Looking forward!

The stair lift was one of several things put in place for David's home coming. He never saw it. People keep asking me if I'm keeping it. The inference here is that it's not for me and that I'll never use it but I do.

It's extremely takes the laundry up and down the stairs.

Our sitting room is upstairs and I set up a camp kitchen in the spare room whilst David was so ill. Having a kettle upstairs has proved very that stays too. Anything heavy I might have struggled with I now send up or down on the seat. ....the new bottles go up to come back down later when they are empty! I try not to be too embarrassed!

Eventually I will of course ride it . I do actually sit on it sometimes ...but it takes a bit of getting used to. It's very slow and the precarious bend doesn't feel quite convincing as you approach it ....but I'm sure it will in time. I know my golden retriever would have been too big for it but the cat would have loved it....and fought off any rivals into the bargain....

It is staying. It's not the prettiest thing in the house but it's day will come....hopefully not too soon....

In the meanwhile I will use it for my suitcase next time I get up sufficient nerve to go away...and anything else that needs to be transported from floor to floor.

I'm not too proud to say I don't need it...I will one day so it's another prop for the future! Every little helps as my grandma would have said!


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