Monday, 21 April 2014

My cross.

During Good Friday the meditation I attended asked us to visualise our own personal cross . The thesis was that we all had our own cross which we carry around with us. This poem flowed into my mind as we sat in contemplation around the wooden cross....
I am not entirely sure that we all have our crosses to bear. I do know people who go through life supremely happy without any sign of anything heavy. I used to be one of them.
I know of one young woman who on her wedding day was told by her mother in law that she was the cross that she had to bear through life. Not a good start to a happy married life!
I think our own personal crosses come and go and assume different shapes at various times in our life. Right now having lost a daughter , a son and a husband over the last few years I recognise my cross. I am carrying it. It does not make me miserable most of the time. I have learned acceptance.
There is no self pity here.

My cross is not cross shaped
It is cloud shaped
It holds my tears
And it follows me
Sitting quietly over my head waiting

The rain always comes in time.

But rain is good
It makes the flowers grow
Rain is the water of life
And even when it hurts
It is also life giving.

My cross I carry always
My cross is loss.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Jean for a most helpful reflection and poem.

    I believe that you're right that we all have a personal cross to carry, but how we deal with it is the key to Grace. It's all to easy to resent it and to blame God, but acceptance is a blessing that allow us to hare in his love unconditionally, suffering or not.

    What a wonderful gift. :)

    Prayers continue for you.