Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Resuming life.

Life is beginning to take on "normal" tones.

The fog of grief lifts for long moments now as old routines reinsert themselves into the day.

Yesterday glancing out of an upstairs window I saw a group of young bullocks munching away on the field opposite having been absent during the winter.

"The boys are back" I turned to tell David, pleased to see old friends charging about and enjoying freedom again.

The chair I spoke to was empty , it was a strange moment of loss but also acceptance.

Later I went to look at a new open garden full of spring shrubs and tulips. It was very beautiful and I wondered why I'd never looked at it before....it is only about a twenty minute drive away...

It teemed with flowers and water features and ducks...I shall certainly go back to see it through the seasons.

Tonight I am going out to supper with very old friends. I shall enjoy their company even though my appetite is still sadly lacking...

Life , like the weather is now just about bearable again...and there is so much to be grateful for...thank you God.


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