Saturday, 3 May 2014

Beautiful Cornwall.

Although Cornwall is filling up again this weekend it is noticeably less crowded than the Easter weekend only two weeks ago.
During those two weeks the rape fields have "come out" Where ever you drive right now great fields of glowing yellow fill the landscape! The yearly moan about hay fever can now be heard together with all the sneezing!
In the last week the fruit trees have flowered as fact everything looks my garden blue bells have come up where they never have before!
The horse chestnut is in flower, the snails are munching life is renewing daily...and next week we are burying my husbands ashes.
We have found him a place in the ancient churchyard, on the estuary, not far from my daughters grave. There is a seat near by for when I get old and frail and the garlic grass and blue bells are covering the ground in great profusion. The boats are going back into the water after a hard winter...and there's a good view of the sand bar where men are at work varnishing and everything is made ready for the summer.
That all life is burgeoning and summer activities resuming is the normal cycle here....I just wish it held good for humans too.
The place for the ashes is on the bank where I set my "Joey" story...a place we both loved dearly.
David will be able to rest in peace there I know!
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