Sunday, 25 May 2014

Moving on.

Bank holidays always bring out the hoards. We seem to be full!

The lovely weather therefor has given way to cold. Rain is promised. Everything is normal! My email scare from yesterday seems OK . None of my machines have shown any sign of paranoia.

It was an all round bad day yesterday. I had a recurrent knee problem going back to the mid eighties when I twisted it jumping off the boat! I had to use the chair lift! Today it's settled down again.

The heating went on the blink and reminded me that the time to sort out the recurring problems is now whilst the temperature outside is bearable!

Phone calls from visitors were welcome and not seen as intrusions.

I am being taken out to lunch today.

Altogether in one week I have been out several times and talked more than at any time for I am improving.....

The coming week brings it's own woes and joys but on the whole life is beginning to be possible again with interludes of weeping getting less!

I have relapsed into my old ways of going to bed very late and this means waking up late too which can only be a good thing. Waking up at six in the morning when the rest of the day stretches out for ever is not good in a period of grieving...but I must try very hard not to become a slob. It's gone half past eight and I'm still in bed!

Once you've retired Bank Holidays are an irrelevance for the most part...but I shall try to enjoy this one,

Life without David is never going to be the same....but it is becoming bearable, thank you God.


  1. I'm glad today is better than yesterday. Knees really are a bit of a mixed blessing aren't they? Useful when they work and a pain in the (knee) when they don't.
    It is good to know that you are continuing to go out to lunch etc.
    One thing I found useful after John's death was the number of random invitations, even just to accompany a dog walker, which came my way.
    I made it a rule never to refuse any offer and was amazed by how much my clouds were lifted.
    It really doesn't matter how tiring a social activity is, as long as there is human contact.
    I know our situations are very different but the basic rules still apply.
    People are (mostly) lovely:)

  2. Jean, you/'re doing so well!!! Many of us would still be quivering wrecks, so I thank God that you're being gradually restored to a new norm, as the old norm can never be returned, but you have the lovely memories of your time with David to console you. Prayers continue here.