Sunday, 22 June 2014

Another year gone!

I walked down to Funchal yesterday to go to the Cathedral. Something David and I always did.

En route we passed about ten men plying their trade.....they were Tuc Tuc drivers. As I was once abducted by a man in a TucTuc I was not impressed! Very old readers of this blog might remember this incident!

Just as I approached the heavy Cathedral door I realised that my phone was ringing.....this is so rare an event that it took a moment or was playing the theme song from Greys anatomy.....not the ideal piece to walk into a church with!

It was Trinity 1 or Corpus Cristi in the lectionary and they made a real effort, the first reading being in Portugese. The epistle was spoken twice, once in French and then in English. The gospel was in German. I managed to exchange the peace and took my communion. My simple rule of thumb for this at home is that anyone who approaches the altar rail gets the wafer. The 'what would Jesus do' thing works for me....He would never have turned away a supplicant. Since I give communion to those who ask for it then to receive it is for me a wonderful gift which I cherish.

Today I have acquired an extra year. If I could I would just hide away . At my age birthdays are no big deal and are best ignored. David always bought me something wonderful and we went out for lunch. Last year the party grew by the hour and several of us had a lovely time at the Nare....

This year I am moving from one apartment and one floor to another two floors up. Kind people at home have given me cards to bring away so I'll put them up in the new apartment.

But I have opened them. They are lovely and have of course brought on many tears and just as many wonderful memories. Thank you !

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