Thursday, 12 June 2014

British Muslims

What is happening now in Iraq just makes me very very sad. I suspect it also makes most Muslims sad too.

The militant Muslim is not obeying the commands of The Prophet. He is taking a few words from their holy book and building a system of hate based on personal greed for power and neglecting the other Islamic teaching which is one of love not hate!

The Koran does not exhort men to kill people or keep women prisoners in their own homes. It would be tragic in this country to think that any British Muslims approved of the sort of stories that have filled the press on a daily basis.

I taught many Muslims when I was in Rochdale during the seventies . They were eager to learn English and were always well behaved , polite and considerate. I was revered as the mother of a son....which made me laugh at the time...

Occasionally I would witness racial violence against them , never by them...

They arrived in this country carrying British passports, the result of our colonialism in Pakistan . We owed these people the courtesy and the education which was their right. They didn't always get it....the British extremists saw to that...

None of the people I taught ever gave us any trouble in school...they wanted to learn! They wanted to be part of our culture. They sent me Christmas Cards, carried my bags and made delicious food for me telling me I was too thin!

When I left they made me a feast and the Imam told me I was too good to be British!

I am told that today's Muslims in school can be difficult...which is a great shame because being rude to teachers is something they've learned from us!

I fear for Iraq and for all those caught in fighting....but please don't judge an entire religion on what a small proportion of them do.

The Koran teaches love and peace in much the same way as the Bible does.



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