Monday, 2 June 2014

My moped!

A comment on a previous post brought back a lot of memories. I used to have a Norton Villiers Triumph ....moped. I wish I could call it a motor bike but it was a moped!
It had been built by a group of people whose jobs were lost during the seventies. The consortium thought their name would sell..and it me!
I loved zipped along the roads and I realised for the first time how vulnerable you feel without the cocoon of a car. I loved the wind in my hair but had to wear a safety helmet . I bought an all in one motorbike suit! The early fore runner of a onesie was waterproof mostly. But on one occasion having driven through a downpour I arrived to have lunch with someone, unzipped my suit and stepped out. It had leaked in just one place....the bottom of the zip!
I sat down to lunch looking as though I'd wet my pants!
The bike was with me in North Wales but found the hills very hard to cope with....
It then travelled to live in Essex but was overtaken by a push bike which was easier to ride to the shops.
Only a few of these machines were made so I tried to sell it but failed...when finally I left the Home Counties to come to live in Cornwalls the bike was left, propped up by the recycling dump skip with my prayers that someone would find it and love it.
My days as a surf chick and then as a "motor bike" girl are well over....but I did love those years . Being a hippie stayed with me for years...indeed have contributed to my way of prayer and meditation...
Now my driving is only in cars....which is a bit boring...but safe...mostly...
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