Sunday, 1 June 2014

No kneeling!

Knees are funny things. One of mine has been playing up all week!

I injured it during the eighties....over thirty years ago....I am unable to remember the details now but this is more or less what happened. We were having a weekend on our boat. I was always in charge of jumping off and on this occasion as I jumped my leg caught in a rope. My knee twisted right round and I fell into a pile of nettles on the bank. Failing to actually land on terra firma I ended up chest deep in the water and only when someone pulled me out did I see the damage to my knee! It was huge!

Getting home was hard, getting to my school on Monday morning worse...the knee was painful and the nettle stings covered large areas of my body! I usually cycled to school but on that occasion I walked...

Of course I took my knee to the doctor. He said it would take thirty odd years later I see what he meant!

I have no idea what triggers it...but this week it's been very and very painful at times...

It flared up as I was approaching ordination and a very good health assistant at the local doctors gave me acupuncture which definitely helped. She actually turned up on the day in case she was needed...but I was fine, despite all the prolonged kneeling required!

Now I never kneel just in case! I joke that if I once went down on my knees it would take a fork lift truck to get me up again! The very kind bishop gave me another bishop to help me up when I needed it during the service...

Most of the time the knee is fine...but this week has been a problem once again...I have even used the chair lift on a couple of occasions...I know it will improve soon without having needles stuck in but when the original doctor told me it would take time I hardly thought I would take it to my grave!


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