Monday, 9 June 2014

The cars face lift!

Resolving ongoing problems has become my way of life right now...
New anxieties crop up daily....some are easy to sort out but as the resident engineer is now addressing heavenly ways of negotiating around clouds I occasionally have to pummel my brain to resolve small mysteries that he would have dealt with calmly and speedily often without my noticing it in the first place!
The problem of the week has been what to do about the car!
David was an excellent driver but we have a lot of very narrow passing places here. Getting to church involves a very steep narrow road with a dangerous right turn into a space for no more than three cars guarded by iron fencing.
I have never attempted it. I know my limitations! I walk up the hill!
After years of parking there he was very good at getting his car in and out but
it was inevitable that occasionally he scratched his car either there or somewhere else on the Roseland regularly so taking it in to the body shop was a yearly event.
During the week it was gone he used my car.. I took him to the body shop to collect it and bring it home after it's make over....but we are not a two car family anymore so I have pondered long and hard over solving this one...
David's brain tumour whilst he was still driving means that the scratches are more and deeper than usual and they need fixing sooner rather than later!
I've thought hard about this one. Living here I need a car most days.
I rang the man at the body shop. I explained the problem....he was used to looking after the was one of David's jokes that it went on its holidays for an annual face lift!
He will come and pick it up on the day I am going week. He will keep it and bring it back polished and gleaming on the day I return!
This will also mean that the battery will be charged and my first job will not be to call the local garage....
It's very kind of everyone here and at the body shop some distance away...and it's one less thing to worry you see there is a God!

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