Monday, 7 July 2014

Age related confusion!

People here mostly know I'm back at work...I had a lot of very supportive messages yesterday for which I very grateful.

One phone call worried me though. It was a repeat of another call I'd had last week. Almost word for word in places, my friend asked me about my holiday, told me he'd been away during the same period , said he'd been staying with friends and had gone to another church on Sunday....

It was fine but I'd heard it all before.

I had previously told him that I'd be seeing him at this weekend but he'd obviously forgotten so we went through the details again....I came off the phone worried.

We all get forgetful as we get older....names are my particular bug bear...I have to make a joke out of it now..."Remind me of your daughters name" etc.

But having lived with a man with a brain tumour alarm bells started ringing after this particular conversation.

My friend does not live alone, his wife is a similar age. . Do I talk to her or would that make things worse?

His children live up mind has played out several scenarios...maybe it was just a blip, maybe the previous conversation had been so insignificant that it left no trace...Or maybe it's the start of dementia...

Because I've been in purdah for a very long time and out of touch with everyday life it could be something that everyone else knows...

But this man has been a good and caring friend for many years and if he's in trouble then I have to help..I just don't want to make things worse!

There but for the grace of God go we all.....maybe the confusion is in my mind...

Growing old is definitely not for wimps!

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