Sunday, 27 July 2014

Not really a missionary.

This morning I go to a small chapel situated close to the slipway down to the sea. Port loe is a very rugged village with glorious sea scapes .

The chapel is that wonderful thing, a collaboration between non conformist and Anglican. It was renovated a few years ago and is a haven of peace and beauty.

David used to love my visits there because afterwards we would go to lunch in the lovely hotel perched precariously on the rocks. The photograph used on his funeral service sheet was taken there with David gazing out at the majestic sea thundering up the slip.

I wil not be staying for lunch today....

I always enjoy my visits but I was told yesterday that numbers are could be a very small congregation, which is sad but I shall still enjoy the visit.

I have no idea whether it suffered much damage during the winter storms, I hope not but I am sure that it will have weathered it all in good grace...bit like its congregation and today it's priest...

The signs of my weathering are all too apparent I'm afraid.

So, once more into the breach dear friends......

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