Sunday, 10 August 2014

A very good Sunday.

Another day in August and another couple I married came to visit me yesterday!

This was the first couple I ever married and I was really pleased to see them. They brought their children with them and the chair lift came into its own again!

The smallest was the first to wizz up and down the stairs..then the older one claimed his turn so they sat together on it which made the chair move faster! It's becoming a great success! They also played with the chair that is moved up and down by pressing a series of buttons .....I'm afraid their parents are now under some pressure to get one!

The whole day was a surprise. We had been promised a great storm but Bertha swept over us during the night...I didn't hear a thing . We had good turn outs for the services and we all stayed dry! Later after lunch out I walked barefoot along a local beach!

Thank you God !


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