Friday, 8 August 2014

All the fun of the fair!

This week I have found a new use for the chair lift! It did stirling service when I was getting ready to travel, transporting my heavy case up and down the stairs with ease if not grace!
It takes my laundrey basket up and down and when I need to chuck stuff out it takes that as well!
This week though it had a new use.
My visitors were a young couple I married six years ago. I christened the first baby last year and the second one is next! At their visit the four year old was very well behaved but a bit restless and I saw she was interested in the chair lift.
"Do you want a ride?" I asked. Her face lit up. She sat on it whilst I fastened the safety belt and she became a princess immediately, waving to the crowds with the great presence only found on a girly four year old!
Her parents who have the distinction of being the very first couple ever to be married at St Mawes were delighted. So was I. It was good to find another use for it!
She was very well behaved  but some visiting children are not. From now on I can sit them on the chair lift and wizz them up and down the stairs as a special treat. Ahem.

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