Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Jobs done!

Over the last months and weeks I have been sternly "getting on with things" I have sorted, rearranged and thrown out hundred weights of paper.

It has all helped along the way until this morning. I am now more or less at the end of all that....I have woken up without a pressing job needing to be tackled....there are still things to sort out but there is nothing urgent, nothing that needs to be done today.

Yesterday the main task of the day was to read the numbers showing how much energy the solar panels had generated during this glorious weather.

I asked someone else to climb the step ladders and then settled down to jump through all the hoops to send them off! Job done.

Today there is nothing claiming my attention. I woke up at six am so it's going to be a long day. I have been outside already, rescued three baby toads from the rain water bowl they were swimming in so that's my good deed done for the day!

I could become a recluse at this point....I don't mind being on my own but I am fighting this.....I have got to get out more!

August here is very busy...and it's already looked golden and dusty...I might go for a swim later but somehow without a project to tackle it feels like an exercise in futility. I suppose I am just missing David. A lot.

I am not expecting this dark mood to last long...I just need to go out and do some weeding! Or something.

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