Saturday, 16 August 2014


It's starting to feel like an alien world out there. I am not sure that arming one lot of people to fight back against another lot is the right thing but it seems better than just sitting on the side lines watching....

What has happened to the Christians in Iraq? There have been no further reports of the church in Baghdad...or if there has I haven't seen them...

The whole situation is desperate. It's hard to sit on the side lines and watch but even harder to do nothing at all. Sending money for humanitarian aid is the best I can do and last week after the midweek communion several people gave me money to send on their behalf...

People are concerned...violence escalates....even at a local man throws a brick. Another throws two...and so it goes.

Praying seems the only recourse we have right now....for all those involved and for all those in this country with the task of making decisions that could affect peoples lives for good or for ill.

I pray that wisdom comes to those who make desicions on our behalf....please God let them do the right thing....even if we don't know what the right thing is!


  1. Amen.

    Canon Andrew White has been in the UK this week and returns to Iraq today. Going back to the coalface of his ministry, and he seems to be the only Anglican actually doing anything to bring the plight of Christians to the fore.

    As for armed intervention, it needs to be under the auspices of a United Nations Resolution and a multi-national effort. We can't go it alone, we've barely got the military capability left to defend ourselvs and we're still in the aftermath of sacking thousands of our troops, sailors and airmen. And the laughable government policy of recruiting sufficient part-time reserves is in real trouble and will continue to do so as people won't join a force which means them leaving friends and family for uncertain military operations, which might be #Blair inspired on a political whim.

    We have a responsibility towards the Iraqi people, but not to go it alone - properly organised, authorised intervention,with the aim of restoring a democratic government and allowing the people of Iraq to live in peace internally and to decide their own future, not by external force from terrorists.

    1. Thanks for that carefully thought through comment and for your own expertise on our armed forces....I do agree with your conclusions!