Thursday, 7 August 2014

Thank you Sister Catherine.

After my husband died just about six months ago it was essential in the first months to keep my mind active. I prayed of course but they were not the quiet contemplative moments they had been....there were too many thoughts waiting to rush in, to take up the space.

I spent more time in social media but I also played far more games than I used to from backgammon to Scrabble, to the daily crossword and soduku . The other dafter games were also put onto the iPad, my constant companion during the worst times.

I listened to audio books whilst playing solitaire. It became essential not to have too much time to think.

This habit stayed with me until this morning when Sister Catherine put up a wonderful post on contemplation and mindfulness. This was very timely. I was just about to go out to celebrate mid week mass, driving through a very busy St Mawes, hoping not to be too stressed when I got through the holiday traffic!

The words stayed with me all the way. I parked my car on the quay with grateful thanks to everyone and got to church in plenty of time...I was able to resume the prayerful quiet mind I haven't quite managed during my bereavement .

Thank you Sister Catherine...your words will be with me for a long time.... A precious gift I will treasure.

Please accept my prayers and my blessing.


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