Sunday, 3 August 2014


Today is full of terrible images.

Another truly appalling Israeli air strike in Gaza has left hundreds dead, including children sheltering in what was supposed to be a safe place!

The events currently being held to remember the start of the First World War should make all of us regret any urge to to recreate the bloodshed involved in war.

I was a baby of two when the second war started. I grew in its shadow. I listened to the grown ups talking day by day, saw bombed out buildings, watched Swansea burning after the docks had been hit.

But on a personal level I felt safe. I never thought the war would affect me when I burrowed under the great rolls of barbed wire to play on the sand near to where I lived with my grandparents on the Gower.

I listened to my grandparents talking about their experiences of the first war. The dirt, the blood , the fear all fed my imagination .

After the second war ended I went back to live with my parents in Lancashire....again I listened to the grown ups talk about the wars to end all wars.....I heard about the discoveries in the German concentration camps...

It was not a time of innocence !

But compared to what is happening today in Gaza it was idyllic because I always felt safe.

I find myself praying with all my end the can surely not be any part of Gods plan!

We are born with free will....we are free to make mistakes and to live with the consequences.

The trench war fare the dirt and the gas attacks have now been replaced with high tech drones and rockets...killing is easy. To stop killing is hard!

Please God let this dreadful bombing stop as we remember this week the first war. Let us learn by our past mistakes...there are no winners in war!

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