Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Change happens.

Awake very early most days, my life it seems is slowly resuming. Old friends arrive, shopping needs to be done, there are services to plan, meetings to attend.

I have taken up old habits in the very early morning which keeps me well informed about what's happening in the world as filtered through the radio news programs. Drinking a hot Horlicks at an ungodly hour and listening is becoming part of my routine.

I also watched the programmes on the TV last night discussing the Scottish dilemma and I find myself not wanting to be divorced from a lovely country I have always enjoyed visiting....whilst of course I would defend their right to that decision completely.

It's a purely personal emotional response but I do hope they don't leave us...

Here in Cornwall now it's not as easy to get there as it was when I lived in the north. The last time was on a cruise around the British Isles!

As everything in my life has changed, is changing, will change it's a minor quibble in the greater scheme of things but I hope we can find a way of staying together happily....and if that means making some constitutional changes then so be it.... I really do think we are better together.


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