Monday, 15 September 2014

Desperate times

What a could see the end of the UK as we know it!

British people are being beheaded by other British people....

British....there's the clue. We are all British including the Scots, but I am not sure what we will be called if we are no longer an amalgamation of small countries....

Today I have a funeral.

By the end of the week we may all be feeling pretty funereal....

We live in desperate times.

I suppose one essential ingredient to becoming old is to feel nostalgic about the past. On my Timehop app I am taken back up to five years every morning.

This day three years ago we were on the Queen Mary visiting Liverpool before going up to Scotland.

Who could have guessed then the changes that can happen in a week!

I find myself praying this morning....for Scotland as it makes it's decision, for everyone who has family in the Middle East, for the families mourning their losses both here and everywhere where there is dissent and barbarism..

Dear Lord, be with us all today....and especially with those who believe they are doing your will....Amen


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