Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Indian Summer.

I had a couple of errands to do yesterday which involved me going into the village....far from it being fairly quiet it is actually thronged with visitors again. Even though the children are back in school there are people everywhere. The beaches are full, the coffee shops are very busy, the pub gardens have parasols up looks very tropical out there...a Mediterranean feeling almost..

My quick visit was prolonged by meeting people I haven't seen for some time....this golden weather is keeping the season going much longer than usual.

There is a general atmosphere of rejoicing...after the last winter when huge storms did so much damage there is now a feeling of relief and joy.....the damage has been repaired!

Everything in my garden has doubled in size. There is fruit on the trees and along the hedges. Great red nasturtiums are growing along the top of my Cornish hedge looking very festive...

I am praying this is not the lull before the storm....but then my mind set is for disaster rather than good news right now....however.....

As we are approaching harvest the traditional time for thanksgiving there is a real understanding that God is good and that we are very fortunate here. Our Indian summer is very good news!

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