Monday, 22 September 2014

Marching for protest.

On reading my blogs written this time last year I find I was complaining bitterly about the coldness of the weather...

This year however is the reverse...I am amazed and delighted by the wonderful September sunshine.

Yesterday after a fairly busy week I went with a friend to a hotel sitting on the coast to have lunch bathed in glorious sunshine looking out to sea...

Meanwhile in London and in other capitols around the world people were marching...demanding that governments take much stronger measures to ensure a halt to global warming!

In my youth I marched for various causes starting in Bury to try to head off several closures of old peoples homes and day nurseries...I then joined the anti racist marches in Manchester..

Marching to promote an idea or opposition to a threatened move is I think a valid political expression. It worked for Ghandi... The silent women protesting in non violent, silent protest to procure independence from Britain inspired me as a girl and young woman...

Now too ancient to join any demonstration I can still applaud those who marched.

There are few things I care more about than allowing big business to plunder our planet. Fracking , searching for oil in the arctic, a wanton over use of coal and oil instead of investing in sun and wind power...these are more important to me now than any political party...

I do enjoy the good weather when it happens...but after the dreadful gales experienced here last winter it would seem sensible to be prepared for whatever gets thrown at us all the sea walls are strengthened , the buildings bashed last year have all been rebuilt and made stronger...

Be prepared ....if it's good enough for Boy Scouts it works fo me...


  1. I agree that protest over climate change is welcome, particularly if it brings about change. But being a cynic, I don't believe that anyone in power is listening. This government has reduced support for climate change during it's tenure in office and is now at best luke warm on new wind farms. In addition it has cut the amount of money that individuals who install solar panels (as you have) can receive for the power that they generate back to the grid.

    You sound like a candidate for the Green Party, and we'd welcome you with open arms :)

    1. I have been giving the Green Party some thought actually....I voted for them in the European election because the vote was added to others and counted!

  2. I've been a green party member since I retired. Wasn't considered appropriate to be politically active while in Uniform, although I could vote for them.

    Slowly, but surely they're building up, perhaps in the next election they will replace the Liberal Part in Parliament and we'll see some real socialist policies in action.