Friday, 26 September 2014


Having found a lot of holes in my garden which are multiplying daily I asked a few people what they thought they might be. They were not mole holes.....the evidence of their presence is the opposite of holes....
They were too small for rabbits...they are a couple of inches across. As they are getting more day by day I asked several people's opinions. The consensus seemed to be rats. RATS!
Alarm shot through me so on Monday I ordered some rat bait!
It arrived this morning. Large black blocks of poison which you place in the hole......
We are now in a whole new ball game.....
The instructions on their uses are terrifying . Metal frames are's and don't proliferate....what to do if anyone ingests some by accident....
Suffice it to say I have put them away....somewhere very safe!
What ever was I thinking ?
It's the word "rat" that caused the sudden fright but now I have had time for mature reflection..
A. I have no proof that rats are involved in making these holes .
B. Even if they are rats they are out in the garden....not in the house.
C. I could start my very own war if they decide it's safer indoors.....with me!
D. Do I want to find dead rats in my garden? What would I do with one if I found it?
E. What if the local wild cats ate some?
They are not going to be used, at any rate not by me....a few holes I can live with....even one dead rat I can't!

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