Saturday, 13 September 2014

Shopping patterns.

As the weekend for recycling approaches I am looking with horror at the number of boxes to be jumped on!

It was this activity that started off my bad back last time when I fell in mid jump down a small step....

You may have thought, my husband certainly did that maybe it would be no bad thing not to order so much stuff that arrives in boxes!

And you and he may have been right in the old days....

Now I find myself avoiding shops. I can't remember the last time I ventured out into the big wide world to actually shop normally. It's just too easy to do it all on line.

The grocery shop arrived this morning.

The printing ink came shortly afterwards...nothing too bulky there....

But last week the new fan heater arrived in a stout box, as did the wine from Waitrose....and it needs to be seperated from the plastic before being put with the various carriers in different colours before the men will cart it all away!

You can buy just about anything on line now....the whole shopping experience has undergone massive change.

For me it's a boon....mostly but I have got to get myself moving very soon....cheques need to be paid in...appointments made and so far I am finding the motivation to actually go out lacking. My seasonal excuse for not going into Truro is the number of visitors here but they are already much less.

So now there is nothing to stop me getting back to normal.....I can't keep putting it off!

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