Monday, 8 September 2014


In the theatre when someone is given a much smaller part than they would have liked a strange process can take place....the small character starts to put in the extra word, they move around the stage desperate to assume greater's called building your part up .
A niggling doubt is growing stronger in my mind that that may well be the urge that motivates the leader of the Scots!
I have always believed that every country must have the right to govern itself... I was glad when Scotland and Wales got their own parliaments and were able to have a much greater say...devolution was I believe an excellent thing.
I still am not sure how I want the vote to go but I do note that some of the proposals coming from Westminster sound suspiciously like bribes...if you stay with us we will give you.....
That must further inflame the Scottish people that they really are under the English thumb.
I feel and this is an unformed, biased feeling that it would be a shame not to be the UK anymore....United we stand is what prompted men to belong to is a simple truth...
I have no Idea what's going to happen next week...but I know that it does affect me....and let's not forget that the Cornish would also like to be a seperate state.....
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