Thursday, 25 September 2014


For someone who can't kill spiders the very thought of war is scary. One of this mornings headlines proclaims "Gulf war 3"

In the old days war was bad enough when it was hand to hand fighting. Seeing a person in front of you and knowing it was kill or be killed would galvanise most of us into action even if it was only self defence.

The militant IS are conversant with hand to hand fighting but now are being bombed by high tech bombs which kill scores of people in one hit.

It is interesting that the boko haram group have now been contained months after kidnapping 200 school girls...what is very worrying Is that in all the news reports the girls are not mentioned. Have they all been dispersed? We can only hope for their parents sake that some of them can be found and cared for...

Parliament is being convened tomorrow to discuss going to war......again.

This has happened far too often in my life I pray. Feeling impotent, frail and female I pray for all those young men and women caught in the fighting, for those manning the planes and for those on the ground.

During the last world war young men in Britain who were conscientious objectors were given the option of going down the mines...

In the First World War they were stretcher bearers....They showed huge courage and were often vilified.

War is ugly...sometimes necessary but always destructive for those who take part as well as those on the ground.

The third constituent in this equation are those at home , watching, listening..and praying...Lord hear our prayer.






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