Saturday, 27 September 2014

Words and prayers.

The news that we are at war again brought on the need to pray.

I have been praying since my husband died but these were prayers with words....the Lord's Prayer is often either the beginning or the end of prayer but this is not the sort of prayer I feel I need right right now...too many words seperate me from the face of God.

The deep prayer, the sort of prayer I learned as a young women is difficult for me to achieve right now.

It's an emptying of the mind and sitting with no thoughts and waiting that has over many years brought me into the light of Christ.

Now too many words thunder through my head...But I still know what I'm praying for....

Part of me is glad that we are trying to rid the world of the Islamic terrorist but I shudder at the thought of effects of bombing. Too many images viewed daily on the TV show the horror of people struggling to live in desperate circumstances. Food and water , the staples of life become hard to find. Innocent people die in the attempt to stop the barbarism we see every day on our screens.

So I pray....but it has to be prayers with words right now, the deeper silent prayer eludes me.

So I pray.... that our violent response to their violent actions doesn't lead to something even worse....

Lord hear my prayer.

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