Saturday, 4 October 2014

A busy week!

Awake very early because I am doing the eight am, I am filled with knowledge of all the bad news currently evident in the news papers and the radio.

For me this week has been a normal sort of week. I had a day when the phone rang almost non stop.

Every day has brought visitors, problems to solve, services to plan, people to contact.

Family members have arrived or phoned.

There has been no time to contemplate or write much.

It has been like it was when David was alive. I am glad for it mostly..

Yesterday though conscious that during the week I had had no time to take the car out I went to start the engine. I have a flat battery!

In the greater scheme of things it is minor, an annoyance mostly with myself for not realising sooner.....

Yesterday though I was just plain anxious. I called people I knew would have jump leads and asked for help.

Then I realised that I had no idea how to get the bonnet of my car up!

Things just went downhill from there...suffice it to say that I now know a lot more about this car than I did a day ago...

What had been a good week , a normal productive week ended with me being cross with myself once more...

It's the nitty gritty of living a solo life that gets me down, realising just how much of a support my husband was and how much I miss not having a fall back on these occasions.

I am remembering wryly the time when he got up to get me to the eight o'clock still dressed in his pyjamas...

Now there's only me...and I am coping most of the time even when I am my own sternest critic....

On with the motley Lord...


  1. Just wondering if your battery needs replacing. It's unusual for a battery to lose charge after standing for a week? My old car often stood for two weeks between journeys and was fine. My current one is being used a little more, but once Jen gets her car back from it's respray (don't ask) and goes back to work, it will often stand for several days, perhaps being used one or two days a week - and the battery seems to be fine, but fairly new.

    I know that replacing a battery can be awkward, but if you belong to the RAC or AA, they will come and do it for you at home.

    1. I think you are right! The garage here is a hundred yards up the road....I'll get them out in the morning!