Thursday, 30 October 2014

E and snail mail!

My E mail inbox fills up nicely every now I know which firms post whilst I'm asleep...they get wiped off in the morning!

I regularly unsubscribe from various sellers but still they come disguised as someone different. The mail from the USA asking me to think about becoming a plumber , a joiner or an apprentice brick layer are quite simply mystifying!

Every day I get mail proclaiming our success in opposing something which has since been withdrawn!

I am asked to sign petitions daily and I often do if it's a cause I care about but that just breeds more email...

It's no problem to go down the line deleting as I go and some of the stuff from shops tempts me as more and more money is taken off the selling price!

Some company's are relentless though...sending out several per day...

At least no trees have to die for electronic mail but oddly some still send out glossy brochures...I get stuff from various shoe companies twice, once by email and once by snail mail....

And then there's the spam...who on earth is going to put their banking details in an email...well I nearly did twice...I pulled back each time though once I then rang the bank to get my credit card changed...just in case...

Now I am an old woman...but I still have all my chairs at home...A Lancashire expression meaning that I'm compas mentis. Ahem. But I do wonder whether all these kind people sending me spam and stuff daily ever make money out of it all....especially the double whammy of email and snail mail..

It mostly irritates, occasionally alienates but almost never gets a sale!


  1. The glossy brochures which arrive get sent back to the sender. Just put in black or red ink Return to sender and they have to pay the return postage. They do eventually get the messagex

    1. Wow. Thanks for that Babs...I'll certainly give it a try!