Thursday, 9 October 2014

Rural roads!

The news this morning that rural roads are more dangerous than urban roads will surprise no one here. It is the cyclists I fear mostly for.

In Essex I road my bike every got me to the shops by riding through the park safely and quickly. I also rode to school where I encountered cars but it was a only a short distance from where I lived....I never felt threatened but I did wear a helmet!

Here the cyclists think the roads are safe. They ride along carefree and very happy, taking many risks as they go... The local bikers know the dangers only too well and most of them wear bright safety clothing as well as helmets!

It's the holiday makers I fear for.

The roads are more akin to country lanes in most places and this makes for astounding sights during the summer. I have found couples cycling two abreast holding hands!

There are of course no pavements so if they pull in to have a chat they are instantly in danger...

The miracle is that more of them are not killed but we still have a local young man not yet recovered from a fall from his bike several years ago....

When I overtake a cyclist I want to stop and tell them how dangerous it can be but of course that would be me providing the danger!

I left my lovely Dutch pushbike behind me when I left Essex...

Pedestrians ambling along are also at risk during the busiest times...the cars often speed past on the road passing my house!

It really is too dangerous to walk or cycle along the roads here!

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