Saturday, 11 October 2014

The recycling!

When I was working properly by which I mean every Sunday and often twice or even three times in a day I would arrive home to find that David had put everything ready for the dustbin men. I took this very much for granted until he became ill.

Once I'd taken over this job I realised how much work was involved. He had started the process of recycling. Everything is seperated into different bags and boxes , cardboard boxes jumped on to flatten them, plastic seperated from cardboard...bottles into a separate takes hours and that's only a slight exaggeration.

So tomorrow I am working. As well as writing the sermon I have spent over an hour on the recycling .

Now this is obviously all my fault. I have sent for too many things in the last couple of weeks!

I have now more or less done it! Some observations though... Why do some firms send so much plastic along with the cardboard? They have to be seperated and then popped! The airbags are to protect the delicate I know but after jumping on a huge quantity today that were wrapped around a new radio I found myself wishing for a good many less!

Even worse than airbags are the scrunchy polystyrene bits . If you drop any they litter the ground for weeks!

The firms I like are those that send everything in nice plastic bags. They fold up neatly into small jumping required!

I shudder to think how many trees are chopped down to make this huge mass of cardboard! There has got to be a better way of shrouding all the things that are ordered via the Internet....

The bottle collection is quite simply embarrassing. Let's not go there!


  1. I won't mention the bottles, but we don't wait for the recycling to build up. Everything goes into two bags, sorted as glass/plastic and another for paper and cardboard. Taken three times a week to the local recycling banks just down the road. Stops the build up and stops us having to use the silly recycling boxes by type for each item, with detached lids, which blow away in the first breeze, allowing the contents to follow suit.

    We have a large recycling, brown bin, which takes garden waste and food waste, wrapped in either newspaper or neat brown paper bag, available at a price from the council. We use the newspaper wrapping, which saves on the paper recycling weekly.

    As for bottles, I'm pleased to say, there hasn't been a bottle for alcoholic beverages in our recycling for over 20 years since we went teetotal :) I'll stop gloating later :)

    1. You are obviously much better organised than I am! Cheers!

  2. I know what you mean about the time it takes to make everything 'fit' for collection. We are very lucky here in that our household waste bin is collected one week and the recycling bin the next week. In addition I pay for the fortnightly collection of my brown bin garden waste.
    Although the local tip is very nearby (about half a mile), I do not drive and so have no means of getting anything there.
    Fortunately our recycling bins take cardboard, paper, tins, glass and plastic containers.
    What I will do when the inevitable need to throw away something really large and heavy happens, i can't imagine.