Sunday, 5 October 2014


Like most things the Internet can be used for either good or is entirely possible to comment anonymously on everything. Social media make it very easy for people to adopt a new persona in order to propagate a point of view not shared by other people.

Over my years on Twitter and Facebook I have encountered my own trolls at times but the good contacts more than compensate for these.

I am sorry to hear of the death this morning of someone who was identified as sending hate messages to people who were grieving.

The psychology of people like this is complex and hard to understand...they must get some pleasure from inflicting even more hurt....and this is one of the worst aspects of social media....that it is possible to apparently get away with such anti social behaviour.

The sort of persona to take advantage of such anonymity is hard to understand. I have organised my own public utterances so that although I know the trolls are there I need never read anything they have written...

"Blogger " eradicates them at source.

I am sorry for all those who suffer, including the poor woman who died this weekend....there is enough grief in the world right now without propagating any more...

Rest in peace to all those who seek satisfaction in causing hurt to others. But understand there is no glory in beeing a troll!


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