Saturday, 1 November 2014

Another Apple scam...

Yet another scam. Or a phishing expedition ....what ever you want to call it....

I had been complaining about the number of emails I get in a day so it was no surprise to get one telling me I had exceeded my limit...

The mail from Apple looked ok. I pressed the link and put in my ID and password. Then thought about it.

I decided to play it safe and change the password...Apple sent me an email on request to do that which did not appear. Alarm bells started ringing when I got an email saying my password had been used on a strange device!

I then got onto Apple support. No problem there...I got help...both by email and then a man phoned...He confirmed that an email had been sent... I hadn't got it.

The missing email turned up in my husbands spam box....eventually...they had sent it to my rescue address!

David would I know be delighted that he was still coming to the rescue....

I know I am an old woman and on these occasions feel at least twice as old...

It was my fault for clicking on the wrong thing and for putting in my password....I hope the next scam doesn't come along any time soon! It's not good for my blood pressure!

Take great care all of you...the phishers are out to get us!



  1. I'm not on Apple but experience my fair share of this sort of thing. Fortunately, my spam filter works quite well and I often get a message from gmail that they've deleted a spam msg before it even reaches my mailbox.

    I never, ever, ever, click on a link in an email, unless I know who it's from. And I would never use such a link to put in any details or paswords, I'm just too suspicious of anyone asking me that question.

    You did the right thing, although Apple seem quite slow to respond, but they didn't have any choice but to send the password reset to another fall back address. Gmail offers a text message with a code to be put in, before a password can be changed, perhaps slicker than Apple?

    1. I am learning....slowly. The trouble comes when I'm sleep walking through stuff and not paying sufficient attention...however this is the second one inside a few months so someone somewhere must think it pays!