Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Daft games.

OK I admit it...I'm not proud....I do play silly games occasionally on my iPad...

I play the 'posh' games like Backgammon, Scrabble and er Cribbage. But during the worst period of David's illness I found the dafter games to keep me company In the long dark nights.

Sugar crush and Farm heroes are actually addictive I think...at any rate I play...my main worry is that Facebook tells everyone when I'm playing because I get invitations from people I would rather didn't know of my human frailties!

We are in a whole new ball park today though because on one of the games I got mail! Mail...in a daft game....I did hesitate before opening it in case it was from anyone I knew....but I needn't have worried...no one I know has sunk so low....

It is the gift of an extra life....an extra life... Someone it says has sent me an extra life and would like me reciprocate! I hope you are as gob smacked as I am! An extra life? What would anyone want with one of those?

Is God trying to tell me something like "Stop playing daft games or you'll be brain dead and actually need an extra life! "

Life just gets weirder and it's always been a bit odd!


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