Friday, 7 November 2014

Horror in the news!

What an age we are living through! The last days of Rome spring to mind.

A trawl of the headlines in the paper are full of accusatory stories mostly involving politicians .

The horror stories are just simply horrid. A man eats a woman's face! People are beheaded!

An escape artist gets himself swallowed by an anaconda and is then pulled out! Why? This is not entertainment surely?

Every day the papers seem to outdo each other in horridness.

Are our sensibilities now so jaded that it takes real horror to arouse our interest?

The stories of Muslim violence are very shocking but our home grown varieties can be just as bad...

Internet crime increases day by day...scams, attempts to persuade us to part with details of our financial arrangements...they have all become almost routine.

We live in a world where the affluent are targeted not by the hungry or the seriously disadvantaged but the clever digital thieves whose aim is to make money from the elderly and gullible.

It's becoming harder day by day to discern the groups who are trustworthy and needing our support from those who are manipulating our good natures for their own ends.

I am not sure how we got here or where we are headed...I try to support those causes that champion the poor, the disadvantaged or the sick but it's getting harder to be sure that the money is going to the right place.

In the middle of all this there is beauty...there are fat buds on the camellias . The sea is glorious in its daily tides. There are babies to christen, good people all around me, new friends as well as old ones visiting...

There is so much to be thankful for despite all evidence to the contrary.

The best I can do is pray...and I do but the list grows longer daily....Lord hear my prayer.


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