Thursday, 11 December 2014


I actually slept last night! Over the past week sleep has been intermittent and punctuated by several different anxieties...

Waking up at three in the morning fretting about everything in the world is very unusual for me...I can sleep for Britain when all is well.....

Small worries are eclipsed by the job of sending out cards , paying bills, filling In forms and packing!

David took care of most of these things in previous there is an air of anxiety in everything I tackle..

It's quiet outside! I expected to wake up to high winds crashing around me...but it seems to have passed during the night...fingers crossed...

When I decided to go away over Christmas I thought I would avoid all these worries but they have all been brought forward!

Trying to get everything in place before D Day is proving very house sitter and small dog will take care of all the nitty gritty in the household which is a relief....but trying to remember everything else is causing my chronic state of anxiety to rise.

This is not like me...and I'm sure that everyone who expects a card from me and doesn't get one will understand...

I am hoping that my good sleep last night is starting a period of positive activity!

If you wouldn't mind Lord!


  1. Make lists is my mantra Jean. As long as you don't forget where you've put them:)
    I remember well the panic I was in over every minor mishap and tiny household problem. In the end they all became routine, but at first it is a shock to the system to suddenly be 'in charge'.
    Blessings X

    1. List making is one of my coping strategies too...but this can be a source of worry too...I often do lose them...or get things on more than one list! I often do some things several times. Arghhh

  2. Being suddenly in charge is terrifying. The 'What If' syndrome kicks in and like you it's usually in the middle of the night . 'Where did I put? And 'did I do' are another couple that keep coming to mind. Oh dear when does life begin to settle. Not yet I suspect

    1. No not yet Babs. I'm a few months further along than you but it's no easier now than back in February! We'll get there though never fear!