Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas approaching....

Just a few days before Christmas and it's all feeling a little unreal! Huge Christmas trees are everywhere with enough tinsel to sink a battleship...shhh.

Invitations to various gatherings arrive daily...but the bottom line is that every time one appears I wonder how David would respond...he is still a huge part of my life even in death!

This morning I got a message to say that we have a new great grandson! This is wonderful news and David would be very proud...

Today I go for my complimentary lunch in one of the pukka restaurants aboard...I am not finding any problem in finding people to talk to...everyone is in expansive mode...

This morning I will stock up on some dollars.. We arrive in New York on Sunday!

Trying to remember what day it is is proving hard!

There is a crib nestling in amongst the glitter...but as yet apart from the new baby arriving I have little sense of Christmas. Hopefully it will get better....eventually!


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